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Trail-Blazin' Suffragettes in Oklahoma and Beyond!

Members of the Oklahoma Grassroots Campaign hit the road to deliver Myth Breakers inside and outside Oklahoma. The golden map below shows their trails. Read more and view pics about their progress on the VotersUnite! Oklahoma page.

May 15, Joni signs up for 6 counties in Missouri.

May 14, Mary Francis writes:

  Oklahoma has now delivered to 7 new counties: Canadian, Kingfisher, Blaine, Woodward, Dewey, Custer, Noble.

While at Blaine Co., Sec't Jane Crawford said that as Regional Coordinator she would take a copy to Noble Co. (the only one she hadn't trained yet) and we got online and went to where they tried out the sample ballot. I also emailed all the County Secretaries a copy of our Press Release as a backgrounder. The reception has been excellent. Oklahoma Election Board Officials are well informed and eager to retain our paper ballot system.

Just talked to Sec't Connie Parnell who took her MB to the Regional Coordinators Meeting. She will deliver Latimer County.

I think Oklahoma is "in the bag" ... State Election Sec't Clingman will make the decision for all Oklahoma and he is adamant about having a paper ballot to audit. Perhaps we could color Oklahoma "done."

May 7, Joni writes:
The counties i've done in order so far are Tulsa in OK, Washington in Arkansas; then in KS... Sumner, Sedgewick, Butler, Elk, Cowley. Next week Missouri. I also had the distinct displeasure of spending over 2 dollars a gallon on my gas in KS that day *scowl...

There are some county clerks downloading Myth Breakers on their own initiative, like Lori Martin in Chautauqua County!!! You may want to have a notice on your site, something like...If you're a county clerk or election commissioner and you download our Myth Breakers please take a moment to put a Gold Star on your county!!! Be counted, you're ahead of the pack! Unless of course you don't get enough visitors and would like someone to bring you another copy! *Smile...just a suggestion, as word spreads and more people download it.

Joni's traveling companions
I brought my two dogs yesterday and felt like an American Patriot through and through... Then i got Lost!!!

May 7, Mary Francis writes:

On KickOff day, Pam, Amy, Jim and Mary Francis delivered to OK State Sec't at State Capitol in Oklahoma County, and then to Cleveland Co.

Since then I have delivered to Logan Co, Pottawatomie, Seminole, Hughes, Pittsburgh, LeFlore Co., and 5 copies to the Regional Coordinator (Sec't Connie Parnell) in Cherokee Co. I haven't checked with her yet to find out if she distributed them to Latimer, Adair, Haskell, and Sequoyah (these are the ones she trains.) I'll call on Monday.

Next week I will deliver to Canadian, Kingfisher, Blaine, Dewey and Woodward. Perhaps others out West ... I'll let you know when I get back.

Mary Francis, Jim, and Pam in Oklahoma City. Click for more pics...
As Mary suggested, we've colored Oklahoma done!

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