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West Virginia Citizens Have a Plan

When hand-delivering Myth Breakers throughout your state isn't a realistic option, there are other personalized ways to get the word out.

West Virginia Citizens for HAVA are getting the information to local officials through an organized plan of attack. (To contact the group, email Julie Archer or Hedda Haning.)

First they wrote a mail-merge cover letter and printed a copy for each of West Virginia's 55 county clerks. Then they made copies of the Myth Breakers Preface and Summary, and mailed the packets out to all the county clerks.

Now they're following up with phone calls. Here's one email update.

I just finished going down my list of County Clerks (except for those taking a really long weekend) and I want to tell you it is definitely worthwhile--and fun. I was able to reinforce our message, with which by the way most agree.

I found out what equipment they are using now, and I listened to their concerns. Most are using optical scanners and really like them except that 1) they have no way for the voters in the polling place to check for over-under votes and 2) the state now requires officials to accept write ins even if the voter doesn't fill in the write-in circle. Both of these problems have caused a lot of hand counting and therefore many headaches. Both can easily be solved.

All seemed interested in AutoMark, to which the Florida official gave such high marks ( The biggest concern far and away is MONEY. There is none. I took the opportunity to encourage officials to be involved in the interims. A few asked for a list of the committee members, which Julie will FAX them. They all seemed very committed and appreciated someone being interested.

[Interims are monthly meetings of the legislature. They take place outside the regular 60-day session. Julie wrote, "Thanks to Hedda's persistence and a sympathetic Senate Judiciary Chairman, there is an interim study on voter verified paper ballots for electronic voting machines."]

Stars show where WV Citizens for HAVA have either hand-delivered or followed up by telephone.

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