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Black Box T Party To Be Held in Port Townsend
Patriots Protest "Smoothing" Over the 2004 National Election Debacle

Who: Port Townsend citizens concerned about fair elections

What: Black Box T Party

Where: Haller Fountain (corner of Washington & Taylor). We will march to City Dock.

When: Saturday, November 27 at 1:00 pm.

Background Brief

In the wake of this year's presidential election, 85 people gathered on two day's notice to share concerns about what appears to be happening to the integrity of the election process in the United States.

At the meeting, information was shared about the multitude of voting anomalies reported around the nation, mostly in local newspapers and internet news sources.

They discussed the massive machine malfunctions, wide discrepancies (deemed by some experts as statistically impossible) between early exit poll data and official vote tallies, long lines at the polls, voter harassment, lost ballots, stories of official voting data heading to the shredder and false data substituted in its stead, and other outrageous examples that can only be termed an election "shambles".

Joey Pipia suggested marching to the dock and throwing a voting machine in the harbor, and his suggestion was met with cheers. After some discussion, it was decided to throw a 'black box' into the harbor, symbolizing the secrecy and computerization of the election process.

One member said, "but that's not a real voting machine." Joey replied, "neither are the ones we used on election day." So it was decided.

Ellen Theisen, co-founder of VotersUnite.Org, was present and immediately invited other groups across the nation to hold their own Black Box T Party on Saturday. XXX other groups have accepted the invitation.

      Ellen TheisenJoey Pipia