Date: August 28, 2004

From: Ellen Theisen
          660 Jefferson Ave.
          Port Ludlow, WA 98365
          (360) 437-9922

To:     Dean Logan
          King County Records, Elections & Licensing Services Division
          King County Admin. Bldg., #553
          500 4th Avenue
          Seattle, WA 98104

Pursuant to the Washington State Public Disclosure Act, Chapter 42.17 RCW, I request to view and/or receive copies of the following documents:

a) All documents that relate to the recent installation of a new software versions on the King County voting machines. This documentation is to include anything that divulges the contractual cost of that software including the cost to the county for the contractor, Diebold, to develop and install that software. Also to be included is the "Statement of Work" between the county and Diebold.

b) All documents that were used to influence the decision to use a single ballot for the state primary in September. This should include, but not be limited to, any cost analysis documentation.

c) All correspondence between the Election's Office and/or the Director of Elections of King County and/or the staff of the King County Elections Office, and the Secretary of State's Office and/or the Secretary of State and/or staff of the Secretary of State's office concerning the decisions that led to the use of new software and concerning the use of a single ballot for the primary in September.

d) Bids and/or contracts for ballot printing for the ballots to be used in the Sept. primary.

Thank you,
Ellen Theisen