Voting Machine Mess-up Du Jour (Displayed 07/22/04)

DeKalb and Chatham Counties, Georgia. July 20, 2004.
Diebold AccuVote TS paperless electronic voting machines.

In what Georgia Secretary of State Cathy Cox called "a very ordinary primary election day," voting problems ranged from incorrect summary pages ... *

Ziyadah Sabir said she's concerned the touch-screen machine didn't properly record her vote. The summary page, which allows voters to review their choices before casting their ballots, failed to show some of her choices and showed incorrect choices for others, Sabir said. Poll workers could not fix the problem, she said.

"That's not very reassuring," said Sabir of DeKalb County, who was voting for the first time on the machines.

... to incorrect ballots ... **

Voting problems seemed widespread enough in Tuesday's primary election to prompt the two candidates in the District 1 Chatham County Commission race to pledge a challenge if the vote were close.

Colin McRae said he asked for the Democratic ballot because he wanted to be sure to vote in the 12th Congressional District race. He double-checked with the poll worker, asking if the computer card really activated the Democratic slate.

When the poll worker said it did, he put the card in the machine. But it only showed the nonpartisan judicial candidates.

The poll workers called a technician and held up the line until the problem was solved - 45 minutes later.

... to lost ballots.*

Craig Kidd of Buckhead said he voted last week as part of the state's advance voting program, which allows people to cast ballots during a five-day period before an election.

Kidd said on Tuesday he went to his precinct to make sure his vote had been recorded. Poll workers said they had no record of his vote and advised him to cast another ballot, Kidd said.

"I find that a little distressing," said Kidd. "I like the concept of advance voting, but if this is a common thing, you could have hundreds or thousands of people who think they voted but they actually haven't."

* Few snags seen at polls: Technical problems small, but unsettling. Atlanta Journal Constitution. July 20, 2004. By Carlos Campos.

** Problems plague primary: From incorrect addresses to improper instructions and confusing ballots, many found it difficult to cast their ballots Tuesday. Savannah Morning News. July 21, 2004. By Bret Bell.

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It was a very ordinary primary election day.
~ Georgia Secretary of State Cathy Cox
July 20, 2004