Voting Machine Mess-up Du Jour (Displayed 08/12/04)

Wayne County, North Carolina. November, 2002. ES&S.
Ballot programming error omits party-line votes from tally.

A programming error caused the Optech Eagle optical scan machines to skip several thousand party-line votes, both Republican and Democrat. Correcting the error turned up 5,500 more votes and reversed the outcome for the House District 11 state representative race.*

The Democrats said their lawyers were closely watching the case.

"I think there are enough questions to warrant a hand count," said Scott Falmlen, executive director of the state Democratic Party. "On the face of it, it does seem like there is something squirrelly happening."

* Winners' may be losers. The News and Observer; November 12, 2002; By Wade Rawlins and Rob Christensen.

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News stories make it rapidly apparent that
electronic voting is not reliable, accurate, or secure.
Any one who claims otherwise is either ignorant or deceptive.
~ Joseph Holder