Voting Machine Mess-up Du Jour

Broward County, Florida. March, 2004. ES&S.
Wordy ballot requires paper in addition to touch screen.

The text for responses to one of the questions on the ballot didn't fit on the electronic machine's touch screen, so paper ballot supplements were used.*

Pompano Beach residents voting March 9 on whether to support the annexation of Leisureville had to use paper ballots for that issue. Voting for all other issues and candidates was done electronically on the touch screen machines.

Voters will be asked to fill in the circle next to their choice with a pencil or black pen. Officials with the city clerk's office said all other voting at the polls will be done electronically.

VotersUnite! followed up with Bob Adams, Director of Elections in Broward County. Mr. Adams said that the election went very smoothly. Using the paper ballots in addition to the electronic ballots caused no problems.

* Blah-blah ballot too long for touch screen. Wordy ballot answers force Pompano Beach residents to use both paper and electronic voting in the upcoming election. Miami Herald; Feb. 26, 2004; By Jesse Abrams-Morley

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