Voting Machine Mess-up Du Jour (Displayed 08/29/04)

Pima County, Arizona. 1998. Diebold.
Tally errors in three out of three elections.

For the third time in as many elections, Pima County, Arizona, found errors in the tally. The computers recorded no votes for 24 precincts in the 1998 general election, but voter rolls showed thousands had voted at those polling places. Pima was using Global Election Systems machines, which now are sold under the Diebold company name.*

* Computer fails to record 9,675 Pima County votes. The Arizona Daily Star, 11 Nov. 1998.

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... the system we have for testing and certifying
voting equipment in this country
is not only broken, but is virtually nonexistent.
~ Michael Shamos
to the U.S. House Science subcommittee
on June 24, 2004