Voting Machine Mess-up Du Jour (Displayed 09/12/04)

Clark County, Nevada. September, 2004. Sequoia.
New software introduced a new bug that delayed results.

Las Vegas voters used the new electronic voting machines that produce a voter-verifiable paper ballot. A malfunction in the new software delayed tabulation of the votes.

Larry Lomax said, "I wasn't happy. I am always surprised when something doesn't work" Lomax, the Registrar of Voters, is talking about the software glitch that delayed the release of results Tuesday night.

"They had to create new software that would support this printer and both voting machines we have. My guess -- in the process of getting it developed and federally certified, a bug that was there in 2002 must have crept back in. This has nothing to do with tabulating the results. It's the ability to tell the number of precincts reporting."

[Editor's note: They know the software reported the number of precincts wrong. So, how do they know the vote count was correct unless they use the paper ballots to do an audit?]

* Software Glitch Delayed Release of Results. Eyewitness News. KLASTV. September 8. Colleen May, Anchor.

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Election security must not depend
on tight control over code
~ David Jefferson