Voting Machine Mess-up Du Jour (Displayed 09/18/04)

Prince George County, Maryland. September, 2004. Diebold.
Central modem fails; and touch screen won't display Democratic choices.

The modem at the central facility malfunctioned, and voters in one precinct weren't able to vote the Democratic ticket on the paperless machines, so they wrote their choices on pieces of paper.*

The Board of Elections had technical difficulties last night compiling results. Election workers said the main modem to receive results from the polls had malfunctioned.

Election officials said there were no major problems at polls throughout the day.

The only known glitch was at Mount Rainier Elementary School. When polls opened yesterday, nearly a dozen voters were told the machines were not pulling up the Democratic slate.

Linda Couch, a Mount Rainier resident, said poll workers told the voters that because the machines weren't operating properly, they could write down their choice on a piece of paper. Couch said some voters left, saying they would try to come back. Others, like her, wrote their selections down on the paper.

* Johnson Aide Wins Democratic Primary. Washington Post. September 15, 2004. By Ovetta Wiggins, staff writer.

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... the system we have for testing and certifying
voting equipment in this country
is not only broken, but is virtually nonexistent.
~ Michael Shamos
to the U.S. House Science subcommittee
on June 24, 2004