Voting Machine Mess-up Du Jour (Displayed 09/29/04)

Marblehead, Massachusetts. May, 2004. Diebold.
Manual count overturns results of optical scan count.

Machine count showed 1834 to 1836. Manual recount showed 1831 to 1830, overturning the election outcome.*

[Town Clerk Thomas] McNulty said new precinct totals would be available today. He said he was warned by the company that made the voting machines that, "When it's that close anything can happen."

The final decision was reached three weeks after the election, after a hand recount.

* Recount overturns result of Marblehead selectmen election. The Daily Item; Wednesday, June 2, 2004; By Jack Butterworth.

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everyone is "assisted" by anonymous programmers.
~ Mark Ortiz
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