Voting Machine Mess-up Du Jour (Displayed 10/15/04)

Morris County, New Jersey. June, 2004. Sequoia.
Problems reading vote data from electronic voting machines.

The tabulation system was unable to read the data from the touch screen machines.*

Morris County's computerized voting tabulation system malfunctioned last night, forcing elections officials and computer experts to work feverishly late into the night to correct the problems. "Nothing has ever happened like this," said County Clerk Joan Bramhall. "There's data on the (computer) cartridge, but it's just not reading it. It shows zeroes."

VotersUnite! followed up with Ms. Bramhall, who said the problem was that the C drive was full. The vice-president of Sequoia led her technicians through a process that deleted unnecessary information on the drive and "refreshed" the computer. Then they were able to read the cartridges.

* Montville and Chatham mayors ousted. (paid archives) Star-Ledger. June 9, 2004. By Lawrence Ragonese and Kristen Alloway.

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A common practice for local election officials
is to let election companies run their election
make up their ballot, set up their machines,
and even count their tallies.
This is a dangerous practice."
~ Ted Selker