Voting Machine Mess-up Du Jour (Displayed 11/23/04)

Florida. November, 2004.
Touch screen discard rate is twice as high as optical scan.

Buried in the middle of an article extolling the virtues of touch screen voting, the author briefly points out that optical scanners perform better.

In The Herald review, counties with optical scanners slightly outperformed those with touch screens.

Osceola and Duval counties, both of which switched from punch cards to optical scanners, had discard rates around a quarter percent, compared to rates around a half percent for the touch-screen counties checked.

...Douglas Jones, a computer science professor at the University of Iowa who has served as a consultant to the Dade Elections Department, ... noted that discard rates representing even a half percent of all votes mean thousands of lost votes on a statewide scale.

Twice as many discard votes means a less accurate election.

* Touch screens reduced spoiled ballots. The Miami Herald. November 22, 2004. By Andres Viglucci.

News stories make it rapidly apparent that
electronic voting is not reliable, accurate, or secure.
Any one who claims otherwise is either uninformed or deceptive.
~ Joseph Holder