Port Townsend's Black Box TEA Party
Patriots Protest "Smoothing" Over the 2004 National Election Debacle

On November 27, approximately 125 people turned out for Port Townsend's "Boston" TEA Party - "Boston" in the sense that they threw boxes into the water with revolutionary vigor (they also fished them all out of the water), "TEA" standing for Total Electoral Access & Accountability. Earlier in the day, related demonstrations were held in Times Square NY, Westport CT, Chicago IL, Easthampton MA, Kansas City MO, and Tempe AZ. Other events are scheduled across the country.

Some people came dressed in Revolutionary War era clothing. Others were wearing red, white, and blue and carrying American flags, protest signs, and black boxes.

The black boxes represented the computerized tabulation and recording of votes that have robbed American elections of all credibility, leaving us vulnerable to fraudulent vote tampering or technological anomalies that leave no trace.

The group marched from Port Townsend’s historic Haller Fountain down to Water Street amid holiday shoppers, back up Quincy and Washington Streets to Memorial Field, then down Madison to City Dock, where bunting and a huge American flag decorated the railing.

People commemorated specific incidences of electoral malfeasance in America's 2004 election as they pitched their Black Box Voting machines over the rail and into Puget Sound to cheers and loud applause.

Democratic candidate for Governor Christine Gregoire drew hearty applause for her steadfast determination to demand a hand recount.

Speakers included Scott Walker, Ruth Gordon, Ellen Theisen and John Gideon of VotersUnite.Org, and Joey Pipia. (Theisen is a Port Ludlow resident; Gideon is from Bremerton; the others are from Port Townsend.)

Many participants mentioned their sense of solidarity with the hundreds of thousands of demonstrators who are in the streets struggling to overturn the fraudulent election in the Ukraine.

The protestors will continue to work for long term election reform and a thorough investigation of the many allegations of vote fraud and technical failings that continue to cloud the results of our own election here at home. There are plans for follow-up meetings. Check VotersUnite.Org to find out more, or write to ptTEAparty@yahoo.com.