Evidence Of Election Irregularities
In Snohomish County, Washington, General Election, 2004

Port Ludlow, WA. Jan. 6, 2005. VotersUnite.Org announces the release of a new report completed by Paul R. Lehto, Attorney at Law, and Dr. Jeffrey Hoffman, Ph.D. The report summarizes the results of their detailed study of the general election in Snohomish County, Washington. Based on weeks of work, during which they pored over thousands of documents obtained in open records requests from Snohomish County, the report reveals evidence of irregularities that strongly suggest the possibility of electronic voting machine fraud.

"We began this study because Snohomish County presents an opportunity to compare Sequoia voting machines to optical scanners in a real election where the demographics are the same for all voters using the machines," said Mr. Lehto. "As we examined the election data, memos, voter complaints, machine-repair reports, and other data, the evidence of serious irregularities became too obvious to ignore."

VotersUnite.Org is proud to have assisted with the publication of this document and to have been selected as its repository.

Among the points discussed in this document are:

Absentee ballots composing 2/3 of the total ballots showed a Democratic lead of 97044 to 95228 votes, while the remaining 1/3 of the votes, on touch screens, showed a Republican lead of almost 5% (50,400 Republican to 42,145 Democratic).

Vote-switching and machines freezing up occurred in 58 polling locations out of approximately 148 total. There is a high correlation between the problem machines — as reported by KING5 news — and the Republican percentages the machines reported.

Statistical analysis of machines that recently had their CPUs repaired shows a propensity for Republican voting that is present but weak on the individual level but strong at the polling location where the machines were placed.

The average of the 58 polling places reporting vote switching, freeze-ups, or repairs within two weeks of the election was 11.58% more favorable to Republican Dino Rossi than absentee voters did, and averaged 10.8% more votes than Gregoire on election day, while Rossi’s overall spread among all electronic voters at all polling locations was under 5%.

The document can be downloaded from https://www.votersunite.org/info/SnohomishElectionFraudInvestigation.pdf

Paul R. Lehto is a business law and consumer fraud attorney practicing in Everett, Washington and a recently retired member of the Board of Governors of the Washington State Bar Association. Dr. Jeffrey Hoffman has a Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin at Madison and is a professor of mechanical engineering technology at Northern Michigan University.

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