Angry that our election debacle is being called "smooth"?

Patriots in Port Townsend, Washington invite you to a
National Black Box T Party
to let the world -- and the press -- know what we really think!

Who: Large (or small) groups of true patriots.

Read about ours and see pics

What: Black Box T Party: Collective and symbolic dumping of our black box election system.

Where: All across the country.

When: Saturday, November 27 at 1:00 pm local time.
Or choose a date that works for your group before the Electoral College meets on December 13.

See who's coming so far.

Here are the details. Use your creativity to adapt the plan to your community.

1. Organize your group. Get the participation of as many men, women, and children as possible. Determine who will be the spokesperson and where the event will be, such as the town center, a public dock, or a fountain!

2. Get many, many cardboard boxes and cans of black spray paint one box for each person and paint the boxes black. Or, let each person make their own black box. Be sure to use enamel paint or indelible ink and let it dry thoroughly so it won't dissolve in the water.

3. Tape a sign to the box that says, "2004 Black Box Election".

4. Make signs for the occasion. Here are some ideas:
"2004 Election: Failed; Outcome: ?"
"Recount the election."
"The election was a shambles, not smooth."
"Did your vote count?"
"Election integrity NEXT time isn't good enough."

5. Make sure you have any required permits and that what you plan is peaceful and legal. If it is not permissible to throw boxes in a body of water, decide on a different legal and dramatic way to destroy the boxes publicly.

6. Determine how you will retrieve the boxes after the event (tie them to strings around your wrists, or have a boat ready to gather them up, or something else).

7. Print and make copies of a statement to distribute to the press, explaining what this is about. (Check back for a sample ... coming soon.)

8. As soon as you determine the place, send out a media alert. We have a sample here.

9. Dress in red, white, and blue and bring flags. This is a patriotic event.

10. Gather within walking distance of your body of water, march to the water together holding your signs and flags and carrying your boxes. The march is an important part of the event.

11. Have the spokesperson give a brief speech, then throw the many black box election systems in the "harbor". (Be sure to take photos for the paper and to send to us.)

12. Retrieve the boxes and dispose of them properly. We are good citizens.

13. Send out a news release about your event. Include photos.

~ The VotersUnite.Org Team