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A few years ago the government of Ireland purchased Liberty voting machines, the same machines that are being marketed, unsuccessfully so far, in New York and other eastern states. After receiving the machines from the vendor Irish computer scientists found that the machines were not secure. Unlike in the US where we continue to use DREs that are insecure, the Irish government put the machines into warehouses. So far the Irish tax-payer has spent 51 million euros for this scheme. Some local jurisdictions have purchased leases of up to 25 years for storage of machines and now the government wants to bring all of the machines in the country together into an unused aerodrome for storage. This means buying out leases and no one knows yet how much all of this is going to cost.


NAtional: Amend H.R.811 to Allow States to Use Audits to Confirm ALL Federal Election Outcomes



CA: Opinion - Realistic poll machine test looks likelier



CO: El Paso County - Tuesday's mail balloting saved about $209,000



FL: Broward County - Elections officials aim to lure more Haitian-American voters to polls



KS: Voting bill future in doubt because of added measure

Proponents of voter ID could thwart bill which would help rural voters



MD: Senate OKs paper-trail votes



OK: Sequoyah County - Two candidates contest election results



SC: St. George - Protests upheld; panel seeks new mayoral vote in St. George

Next stop is Court of Common Pleas



IReland: Govt facing buy-out of 25-year leases to store e-voting machines



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