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First, read Myth Breakers! Then educate yourself further by reviewing selected information about electronic voting issues and the history.

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NIST: "testing [software systems] to high degrees of security and reliability is from a practical perspective not possible." (p.10)

HAVA Abuse by the EAC

GAO Reports on Electronic Voting Systems
Sept. 2005   March 2007

EAC Has Failed To Meet Its Own Mission Statement

Diebold Design Vulnerabilities
report by BBV (pdf)

Privatization of U.S. Elections (pdf)

Is HAVA Being Abused?

Is HAVA Being Abused?
Part II

jar of marbles
What % Audit?

Review of
"An Active Approach to Voting Verification" by Ted Selker and Sharon Cohen.

DREs vs. Opscan:
Operating Costs

Review of
Accessibility Features:
Sequoia & Avante

Why We Need Hand Counted Paper Ballots

Paper Ballot Concepts In a Computerized World

Ballot programming is NEVER examined

Testing and certification process is worse than broken

Why VVPB is not enough

Worth the Time!

Report on Snohomish County DRE Investigation

Votergate, the video.

A sane approach.

One vote in one precinct. Does it matter?

VotersUnite! Letters to EAC

Elections are Beta Tests

20 Reasons Not to Use DREs

Election Center Conference

Improve Pre-Election Testing!

E-Voting: A Failed Experiment
28-Page Quick Summary of Nearly 200 DRE Failures


Handouts & Flyers
Handouts and Flyers

Incompatibility of Elections with Software Development

Who Controls Election Processes
Who Controls Election Processes?

Works by John Washburn, professional software tester

Guidelines for
creating test ballots

Pre-election testing cost comparison: optical scanner vs. DRE

Collection of
Voting System Contracts

Estimated cost of hand-counted audits

Why We Need Audits
Tell your legislators

You have the right to inspect government records

For details, click here
Then select your state
Thank you, Dale Tavris!

EAC Advisory on
HAVA Requirements

Map of 2004 Problems
Election 2004 Flyers (pdf)
U.S. and Ohio
Precinct equipment used in states

Color-coded map showing types of precinct equipment used in each state in the 2006 mid-term.

Flyer of previous electronic election issues. The back side gives reference articles. (pdf)

Check your county!
Mess-ups, by Vendor!
Hart Intercivic

Ideas for labels to stick on envelopes.

The price of freedom
is eternal vigilance.
            ~ Thomas Jefferson

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2004 to 2009


Accessibility Issues
Accessibility Issues

Cost Comparisons
Cost Comparisons

Flyers & Handouts

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