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We believe we can make a difference -- if all of us do it together.

VotersUnite! is a national non-partisan organization dedicated to fair and accurate elections. It focuses on distributing well-researched information to elections officials, elected officials, the media, and the public; as well as providing activists with information they need to work toward transparent elections in their communities.

Ellen Theisen, founder of VotersUnite.Org, is Director and Managing Editor of VotersUnite! In her 25-year career as a software technical writer, she has written hundreds of user manuals, functional and design specifications, online help systems, and programmer guides. Ellen created and maintains the VotersUnite! website, developing most of the informational resources available on the site.

Early in 2004, Ellen wrote "Myth Breakers for Election Officials" to dispel myths about HAVA and inform decision-makers of important, under-publicized facts about electronic voting issues. The document has been distributed to thousands of federal, state, and local decision-makers, and volunteers are now distributing the second edition. The document has also been included as testimony in three court cases regarding electronic voting issues.

Ellen's work in the voting integrity movement led directly to the development of the Vote-PAD as an accessible alternative to computerized voting devices. During much of 2006, she focused her attention on providing that alternative, and has now resumed developing the resources available at VotersUnite!

John Gideon (1947-2009) was Co-Director and Information Manager for VotersUnite! He was a disabled Viet Nam Vet (Navy) and a retired federal employee. He began learning about and working on the issues related to voting reform and voting integrity early in 2003. He maintained the current news links on the VotersUnite! website and compiled the "Daily Voting News," a clipping service of voting news articles for activists, attorneys, elections officials, elected officials, and others who are interested in voting reform issues. His personal knowledge of current events on these issues became a trusted resource for voting integrity activists across the country.

John was effective in lobbying Washington State legislators to introduce and pass legislation requiring a voter-verified paper ballot. He was dedicated to informing election officials and journalists of accurate details, often emailing them facts in response to fallacies he found in the articles he included in his clipping service.

The election integrity community, especially VotersUnite.Org, will miss him enormously.


The ultimate authority ...
resides in the people alone.
                ~ James Madison

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