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Advanced Voting Solutions has now told three Pennsylvania counties that they have decided not to go any further with federal testing of their voting system, a requirement by the state before any voting system can be certified for use there. The question is all about a change to software that was required by the state. Rather than not take the path required by PA law, AVS has decided to argue with the state that the change is not consequential and does not require federal testing and certification. Rather than scream bloody-murder county election officials seem ready, willing and able to give AVS a pass as they talk about how much they like AVS’s voting machines. What is wrong with these people and when will they wake up and realize AVS is scamming them?


NAtional: Opinion - A new poll tax?

Election fraud isn't a problem, but the Supreme Court may OK an ID law that burdens poor and minority voters.



NAtional: U.S. High Court Accepts Voter ID Case, Ohio SOS Says Law Helps GOP "Vote Cage"



NAtional: U.S. House investigates floor vote

Actions of Rep. Michael McNulty during a close ballot are under scrutiny



NAtional: Select committee on ‘stolen vote’ issues findings



CA: GOP electoral initiative dealt major blows

Two key consultants for an effort to change California's winner-take-all system quit over money and disclosure woes.



CA: Alameda County - Judge orders failed Berkeley marijuana measure returned to ballot



CA: Alameda CountyBerkeley: Election Nullified Based On Misconduct by Election Officials



CA: Alameda County - Berkeley pot bill put on 2008 ballot after judge nullifies results



CA: Alameda County - Judge voids results of Berkeley measure on medical pot



IN: Marion County - County clerk promises smoother election



PA: Voting machines up in air



PA: Mercer County - County, UniLect discuss lawsuit over voting machines

Seek to limit costs; company may fold



PA: Mercer County - Commissioners OK voting machines warranties



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