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Today Sequoia announced that they are marketing a new optical scan voting system in New York. They claim it is in process to be certified to the 2005 voting system standards. Sequoia has no system presently in the process that is being tested to the 2005 standards. Could they actually be selling the Dominion voting system as their own in New York? The new system reportedly makes an image of the voter hand-marked ballot at the same time it is reading that ballot. Why is this necessary except to add more software and another process to voting systems that are already beyond these companies abilities to design and build? Of course, more software equals a higher cost. The press release also describes a new “Audio Tactile Interface” (ATI) for blind and sight impaired voters. The description leaves out any mention of how the blind and sight impaired voters verify that the ATI has correctly marked their ballots. Failure to provide that verification would seem to be a violation of the Help America Vote Act.


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