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Late last Friday, without any media, the California SoS released the last set of reports from her “Top-To-Bottom Review”. While not the same dynamite as the reports on security and code review, they are important reports that in part highlight the failure of the old NASED sponsored voting system qualification and ITA system. The Sequoia report relates the following: &&& "The qualification testing reports do not provide enough information to determine independently whether the testing laboratories evaluated the voting system under all applicable voting system standards. &&&”The test reports prepared by the three independent testing authorities (ITAs) that evaluated the Sequoia system are incomplete in several major ways. First, one of the ITA reports did not provide any documentation that it had tested the system for adherence to all applicable requirements of the 2002 Voting System Standards (VSS). &&&”Second, the ITA reports as a whole provide little information about how the system was tested to determine its compliance with the VSS”. &&& This is an echo of the information provided in the Diebold and Hart Intercivic reports. &&&Why were these reports kept buried for a month after the rest of the reports were released? Why was there no media release?


NAtional: High Court to Decide If Voters Must Show Photo ID



NAtional: Senate leaders agree to separate vote on von Spakovsky



NAtional: Obama Blocks Vote on Von Spakovsky in Senate!



CA: Riverside County - Future clears for key voting system



CA: San Francisco - Ballot-counting will be around-the-clock



FL: Sarasota County - More e-voting tests slated in contested Fla. voting district

Officials are still probing an 18,000-vote undercount in a 2006 race



IN: Randolph County tests new MicroVote machines



KY: Press Release - Grayson and Stumbo Agree on Paper-based Voting for Kentucky



KY: Grayson and Stumbo Agree on Paper-based Voting for Kentucky



NJ: Voting activist casts blue wave through New Jersey



NY: Switch to new voting machines may be delayed until '09



OH: Cuyahoga County - Editorial: Setting one date for local primaries would take pressure off voting process



PA: For Susquehanna, vote-tally method works



PA: Lackawanna County - Antique ballot box suddenly in vogue



WI: Commentary: Easy solutions to touch screen voting machines



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