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On Oct. 13 I led off DVN with a graf concerning an “Alert” that was on the Maricopa County Democratic Party website. If you waited until Saturday morning to go to the link provided you would not have found the “Alert”. It had been removed. I followed-up today and talked to the County Recorder and the Ex. Director of the county Democratic Party. What I wrote in that graf was true to some extent. In fact, a contractor for the state Democratic Party pays $4 per registration for each registration turned-in to the County Recorders.  Maricopa County has received 26,000 new registrations. Of those 26,000 only 5,000 were any good. The reasons for the rejected forms were varied and among those were some forms for legal aliens. The County Recorder has met with the contractor and a representative of the state party. She has also talked to Immigration on behalf of those who were taken in by the scheme. Is there a problem with the way legal aliens are being treated and the possibility that they may lose their ability to file for citizenship? Yes, very much so. The overriding problem, however, is paying people to gather registrations. That practice needs to stop.


There was a public hearing in California today. There are no reports yet about whether ES&S will be punished for selling uncertified voting machines to some counties. I’m sure we will hear more tomorrow.


NAtional: Take a Look: Prof. Steven Freeman's Presentation On Stolen US Elections



NAtional: Hearing to be Held on Rep. Susan Davis's No-Excused Absentee Voting Legislation



CA: Riverside County - Progress made, but room for more



FL: Florida Counties, Voters, and Taxpayers Headed for Another Voting Meltdown, Voters Coalition Warns

Voters With Disabilities to Be Forced to Use Unreliable Equipment



FL: Miami-Dade County - Latest recall: Miami absentee ballots



FL: Four Possible Options for Pinellas County for Compliance with FL's New Paper Ballot Legislation



HI: Hawaii reviewing bids to overhaul voting system



MA: Polling machines aid blind voters



MT: Yellowstone County - County elections to be conducted via mail in ballots



NC: Orange County - Voting process offers quicker results



NC: Wake County - Instant runoff gets test run

Cary election previews vote in Hendersonville



OH: Opinion - Changes to improve election system would need to be swift



OH: Athens County - Equipment to be tested to ensure flawless voting



SC: Typo Causes Frantic Day for County Election Officials



UT: Utah, Summit County targets in election activist's lawsuit



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