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Broward Co Florida began testing their new ES&S optical-scan system allowing citizens and the media only two hours to view the process before removing them from the area. What is the county and ES&S afraid of?


Vigo Co Indiana just wrapped up their Logic and Accuracy Testing. The Tribune Star reporter who wrote about the testing reported that they ran “at least 10 ballots” through each optical-scan machine. In an email response to an email I sent her where I essentially said, “Huh!?” she reported that they ran 13 or 14 through most of the machines and 10 or 11 through another because they didn’t want to overload that machine. Logic and Accuracy testing was complete within 45 minutes according to the reporter. Again I ask, “Huh!?” and pass on a well deserved  “Enemy of Democracy” award to Patricia Mansard, Vigo County Clerk.


NAtional: Trouble with Touch Screens, Indeed



NAtional: Nationwide Study Grades and Ranks Campaign Disclosure

in the 50 States

36 states pass, 14 fail, 21 earn higher grades



CA: Riverside County - How is It That Barbara Dunmore Still Has a Job?



CA: Riverside County - Dunmore insults and demeans Election Integrity advocate Paul Jacobs



FL: Broward County - Tests begin on Broward's new vote machines

Testing started Tuesday on Broward's new voting machines. The equipment uses paper ballots instead of touch screens and will be launched in time for the elections in August 2008.



FL: Palm Beach County - PBC to begin negotiations to purchase new optical-scan voting machines



FL: Palm Beach County - Vote machine negotiations get go-ahead



FL: Sarasota County - From Sarasota touch-screens to a Nobel Prize in economics

Before '07 honor, Nobelist helped his politically active parents analyze county's voting system



IN: Marion County - Absentee ballots cause confusion



IN: Vigo County automatic tabulation equipment goes through trial run before election



MO: Boone County - Clerk worries about election expenses



NC: NC's first experiment with instant runoff voting complete



WA: King County - County wants state to set election audits



Canada: Calgary - Automated vote count 'too costly'



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