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I got an email today that asked me why the voting machine companies are not refunding money spent by counties on voting machines. Of course the answer is that very few counties or states are taking the vendors to court and demanding their money back. I don’t know why West Virginia and Arkansas and Indiana threatened to take ES&S to court but never followed-through. Or, maybe they did and it was never publicized? I think part of it is that we have entrusted these officials with hundreds of thousands of tax payer’s dollars and they spent that money on insecure, inaccurate, and unreliable voting machines. And they gave the checks to people who are every bit the snake-oil salesman and, in many cases, used to run elections in a neighboring state or county. Now that the systems are not what they were told they would be they have to admit they wasted the tax-payer’s dollars. That’s a hard thing to admit to. It’s time election officials got together outside of the influence of the vendors and their apologists and began to support each other.


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