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'Daily Voting News' For May 02, 2008


Yesterday Cuyahoga Co announced that in preparation for a lawsuit against Diebold/Premier they were going to have their old DRE voting system inspected by Systest Labs. This is a clear conflict of interest because Systest is presently testing for EAC certification the new Premier Assure voting system. Today the news from Ohio is that Secretary of State Brunner wants to get rid of the requirement that voting systems used in Ohio must be federally tested against the voting systems standards and federally certified. She wants the state to hire a lab to do the work [is there any doubt which lab?] for the state and to the state’s standards. Today’s news was accompanied by a statement that Brunner wants to eliminate the need to have the equipment also meet federal standards for accuracy, security and reliability. What the reporter, or more likely whomever he spoke with in Brunner’s office, does not understand is that accuracy is a mandate of federal law. HAVA dictates the accuracy of voting machines; not the voluntary voting system standards.


NAtional: Opinion - Voting Rights Are Too Important to Leave to the States



NAtional: Advocates: Voter ID ruling may disenfranchise US voters



NAtional: Supremes ruling opens door for voter ID laws



NAtional: "Uncounted" Goes North by Northwest



NAtional: Voting Machine Company Co-Founder Killed in Small Plane Crash in Caracas



IL: Kane County likely to get some new voter precincts



IN: Hotline to answer Indiana voter questions



OH: Brunner wants to use voting devices that feds haven't yet OK'd

Change would require executive order from governor



PA: Montgomery County - Montco will probe primary complaints

Some voters say they were unable to cast their ballots.



TX: Voter ID debate reignited in Texas

GOP buoyed by high court ruling; Democrats vow to defeat another attempt in Austin



VA: Westmoreland County – Beach Tally To Be Slow



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