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'Daily Voting News' For July 1, 2008


New Yorkers should be concerned about the quality of their voting systems. In today’s featured article Rady Ananda quotes the Co-Chair of the New York State Board of Elections (SBOE), Doug Kellner, who has said, “The voting industry sells crap, and that is the problem”. Ananda goes on to relate problems discovered with voting machines once they get to the counties, after SBOE testing. One county has complained that their Sequoia Ballot Marking Device (BMD)[voting machines for voters with disabilities that mark a ballot but do not tabulate the results] printers jam. It seems that Sequoia knows all about this defect but has neglected to mention it to the counties. Ananda goes on to compare the “crap” with the lever voting machines the state’s voters have used for decades.


Featured Article: New York - NY Loves Its Levers as New Systems Fail



AK: Security measures implemented by state division of elections



AZ: Pima County - County OKs voting security measures opposed by Az official



CT: State officials protest ban on voter registration at VA facilities



FL: New voting system for Indian River, Martin counties fails first test

Equipment set to be used in August elections didn't count 15 percent of Palm Beach ballots



TX: Opinion - Greg Abbott: Attorney general's office working hard to fight vote rigging



UT: Counties can enlist help to boost voter confidence

Study says recruiting new, local poll workers increases turnout



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