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'Daily Voting News' For September 02, 2008


The news from Palm Beach Co Florida is not getting any better. The official recount is complete as required by the state. By state law they have exactly one week to count ballots, rectify any problems, do any required recounts, and certify that everything is correct. Of course that is all without any court orders and it looks more and more like this election will be going to the courts. The original election evening count seems to have been 102,523 and the final recount total was 99,045. The only race that was recounted was a race for a judicial seat and the winner flipped from one candidate to another from the original to the final recount. The original difference was 17 votes and the final was 60 votes. The big question is what happened to over 3,400 ballots. The losing candidate will be going to court to ask that question among others. And now any candidate in any other race who lost by less than 3,400 votes is also being encouraged to go to court and demand a recount or re-election. There is a lot wrong with this situation. The state is wrong in forcing a quick handling of the ballots. No wonder mistakes are made and more seem to be made in Florida than most other states. A complete investigation must be held inside the county to figure out what happened and why it happened. Was it administration issues or the voting system? And why did members of the county canvassing board sign an official document that had no final numbers on it? The voters need to know that and they need to know before November.


Featured - FL: Palm Beach County - Election officials stumped by about 3,400 missing ballots



National: [Sequoia Is Getting Out of the Voter Registration DataBase Business As Of Next Year] County elections board set to change registration systems

Move wouldn't occur until after November election



National: Touch-Screen Voting: It's Been Tried, but Can It Be Trusted?



CA: C.A. Tosses Secretary of State’s Manual Ballot Count Procedures



CT: Bysiewicz’s ¡Tu Voto Si Cuenta! campaign to register 10,000 latino voters passes the halfway mark



FL: 16,632 Votes 'Unaccounted For' in Florida Recount



FL: Palm Beach County - Another election like 2000?



FL: Palm Beach County - Officials struggle to clear up confusion about local election



FL: Palm Beach County - Election officials stumped by about 3,400 missing ballots



GA: Muscogee County - Election rolls out variety of vote times

Advance voting, absentee balloting pushed by RAVE



HI: Hawaii Election Integrity Lawsuit Update



IN: Porter County - With huge turnout predicted, election officials working to resolve glitches



MI: Michigan voters beware: Secretary of state’s voter ID ruling inspires mistrust



MO: Hubbard files suit seeking recount



MO: Donnelly to request recount of race

State representative lost to Koster by fewer than 800 votes in attorney general primary.



MO: Donnelly's AG recount lawsuit dismissed



NC: N.C. expands ballot-scanning program statewide



NY: Some New York officials worry about voting access



OH: Huron County - Election changes hurt county budgets



TN: Opinion - Few things more important than registering to vote, then going to polls



VA: Albemarle County - New voters stretch city resources

State law limits voting machine options



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