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'Daily Voting News' For September 06, 2008


In this space yesterday I mentioned that the Colorado state Election Director, Holly Lowder, had resigned and no reason had been given at that time. It seems that an investigation shows that she shared an address and phone number with a vendor of software services to her office and to 30 counties in the state. Of course everyone is telling the media that she just retired but the fact that this retirement happens just two months before a national election raises many eyebrows. &&& In previous DVNs we talked about Indian River Co and the idiocy of doing an experiment in the middle of a real election. If you will recall the experiment led to an error which caused some ballots to be double-recorded. The Supervisor of Elections had reported 5,189 votes had been counted twice but yesterday she claims that she “misspoke” and that the total is actually over 10,000 votes. &&& And finally Palm Beach Co has essentially admitted to a total disaster in election administration. The state has certified the primary election except for the one judicial race in question in Palm Beach Co. Every candidate in every race probably has good reason to question the results in their particular race. The state will probably now step in and oversee the election in November. There is no longer any confidence in that office.


AL: Selma - Leashore will get manual recount



AZ: 2 Dist. 26 hopefuls in limbo as vote counts drag on



CO: Colorado elections director resigns amid inquiry



CO: 'In Bed With Voting Vendors': Details Revealed on the Abrubt Resignation of CO's Election Director



CO: Vote counting to go smoothly for Garfield County



CO: Pitkin County - Sec. of State readies PitCo for Election Day



FL: Clem says twice as many votes were miscounted in Indian River County than initially reported



FL: Nassau County - Mandated election recounts don't change outcome



FL: Palm Beach County - Ballot Problems Persist; Close Race Still Unresolved



FL: Palm Beach County election mess passed on to the courts



FL: Palm Beach County – Editorial – Save the Nov. 4 Election



FL: Election Chaos Strikes Palm Beach Again



MI: Leelanau County - Recount doesn't change outcome



MI: Plymouth Township - Canvassers uphold decision in Plymouth Township recount



OH: Secretary Brunner Clarifies Challenge Laws to Protect Voters



OH: Montgomery County - 375,000 absentee ballots mailed

Elections officials hope that early voting will help cut down on Election Day hassles.



PA: Northampton County - Election officials expect record voter registrations



TX: Critics worry voter ID proposal would disenfranchise citizens



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