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Local Turnout Could Surpass 70 Percent

WLKY-32  02 November 2004
LOUISVILLE Voter turnout may reach the 70-to-72 percent that has been projected locally, a Jefferson County Board of Elections spokeswoman said Tuesday.

Paula McCraney said ther were a few minor problems early Tuesday morning. She said a poll worker forgot to bring the scanner box that attaches to the voting machine, and there were some misplaced ballots, but nothing that couldn't be fixed right away.

Lexington Voters Cast Ballots On Wrong Machine

A very heavy voter turnout is reported in Lexington and Fayette County as well. Two voting machines turned up at the wrong locations and had to be switched Tuesday morning. Two people already had voted when the error was discovered and their votes had to be switched to the other machine.

People were seen holding signs all over Lexington, some in support of candidates and others in opposition. One voter said he had to wait 40 minutes to cast his ballot.

Somerset Voters Wait In Line

A line started forming at the precinct across the street from WSFC Radio in Somerset at about 6:45 a.m.

It was estimated that a 30-minute to 45-minute wait has developed. The precinct has 1,300 registered voters.

Lines Long In Warren County

Precinct workers in Warren County said voters lined up before the polls opened Tuesday morning, forming possibly the longest such lines they'd ever seen.

As many as 50 voters waited for the precinct doors to open at some locations.

Indiana Voters Turn Out Early Despite Rain

The race for president isn't expected to hold much suspense in Indiana.

President George W. Bush holds double-digit leads in most polls over Democratic challenger John Kerry. Still, 24-year-old college student Danica Johnson, of Indianapolis, said she voted for Kerry Tuesday morning.

She also voted for Joe Kernan for governor and said she felt the Democratic Party is closer to her beliefs.

Rod Hughes, a 31-year-old technical consultant, said he voted for Bush and Republican Mitch Daniels.

He said the big reason for him was the issue of abortion. He also said Daniels would bring a change in leadership that the state needs.

Voting was heavy in many places around Indiana Tuesday despite an early rain.

Daniels already had voted in Indianapolis, while Kernan is expected to vote shortly in his hometown of South Bend.

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