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Computer Glitches Delay Voting in Low Country

WTOC-TV  02 November 2004 

Beaufort County voters began hitting the polls early, but many had to wait quite a while before casting their ballot. "A lot of standing in line, long lines, machines broke down," said voter Mark Fawcett. "That held it up for 30 minutes or so. The lines are moving but they're slow."

There were a number of precincts in the Low Country that had some problems today with the computers, but at one precinct in Seabrook, the computer broke twice within the first hour.

"By the time we got to sign in, that's when the machine broke for the second time," said Amy Dey. "The machine had broken earlier. This time it took longer because the tech didn't know what was wrong."

According to poll workers, the machines just wouldn't take the ballots. "It just wouldn't take them," said Gladys Aughtman. "He came and got it going, the original one. Then it broke down again and it wouldn't take them so they got a second machine."

All this caused some big delays. According to Aughtman, "Absolutely a big backup."

That's why Shawn Boundry decided to come back later. "I came this morning at seven o'clock and the line was wrapped around out the door. It wasn't moving very fast so I left and came back and now I'm in. I'll keep coming back whatever it takes. I've got to get this vote in."

Although there have been computer problems at the polls, there's also an issue with voters who registered at DMV. They shouldn't go to their precincts, but to the voter registration office.

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