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El Paso's Electronic Voting Machines Have Problems

POSTED: 8:02 pm MST November 3, 2006


November 3, 2006 The El Paso county attorney said he realized there was a problem when El Pasoans called into Paul Atrlezin's radio program on 1650 AM Friday morning.

"He had received from his morning show approximately 11 different callers, basically registering their complaints about the malfunctioning of the electronic voting machines," said El Paso County Attorney Jose Rodriguez.

The problem showed up when some voters reviewed their ballot and found the candidate who was marked was not the one for whom they voted. Along with the calls to the radio show, four El Pasoans also called the county attorney Friday to complain about the same problem.

"They did it two times, and not until the third time did the machine accurately record their vote for the candidate of their choice," said Rodriguez.

KFOX talked with some El Pasoans who voted Friday, and they said they had no problems.

"I think everything is OK because they are really advanced computers, and I believe everything is OK," said Alicia Aragon from West El Paso.

"I know that they are working fine," said Perla Bermudez of Central El Paso.

One catch with the voting machines is that the review of your ballot doesn't automatically show up; you have to push a button to see it. So, the county attorney said it is unknown how many people had problems, because many may not have reviewed their ballots.

"They should be extra cautious and take the precaution of reviewing their ballot before they cast it," said Rodriguez.

However, both women with whom KFOX spoke said they took precaution.

"Definently, they have to review it, but overall you have to be aware of who you are voting for," said Bermudez.

"As to verify and to make sure for myself, that everything was OK and fabulous," said Aragon.

Despite the problems with the machines, the county attorney is still asking everyone to vote on Tuesday.

"We want to encourage all of the voters in El Paso County to go out and vote," Rodriguez told KFOX.

The county attorney said that if you have any problems, to write down everything that happens, and then send the letter to:

El Paso County Attorney Jose Rodriguez

500 E. San Antonio, Room 503

El Paso, TX 79901

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