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Hundreds Get Wrong Ballots In Central Florida
Local6.com November 7, 2006

Hundreds of voters in two Central Florida counties were apparently given the wrong ballots Tuesday, according to a Local 6 News report.

Wrong Ballot Hot Line In Osceola 407-343-3900

"We have just learned that voters at Precinct 218 ( in Volusia County) were given the wrong ballots," Local 6's Tarik Minor said. "This may be a serious problem but election officials here in Deland do not know the full extent of the problem."

The problem came to light when a woman wanted to vote for state Rep. Joyce Cusack and state Rep. Ronald Cahen but noticed they were not on the ballot. Officials then noticed that she had the wrong ballots for her district.

Minor said Volusia County's supervisor of elections Ann McFall rushed out of the office to Precinct 218 to try to determine how widespread the problem was.

"(McFall) is at Precinct 218 and she is reviewing the voter registration logs to try to verify which ballots go to which voters," said Dave Beck of the canvassing board said.

The report said 200 voters at the Christ Community Church may have received the wrong ballots, Minor said.

Also, Osceola County experienced similar problems Tuesday, according to the Local 6 News report.

People who voted between 7 a.m. and 7:45 a.m. were given Precinct 30 ballots instead of the correct Precinct 29 ballot.

Osceola County officials have set up an hot line for voters who received the wrong ballots. Voters are urged to call 407-343-3900.

Watch Local 6 News for more on this story.

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