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Barrow Claims Victory
WTOC 11  November 8, 2006

Despite all the problems with voting machines and close voting totals, John Barrow has already claimed victory in the race for Georgia's 12th District Congressional seat.

"I think you can stick a fork in this election, its done," said Barrow.

Those were the words of a happy John Barrow Wednesday afternoon. Almost a full day after the polls closed, the Congressman feels its safe to say he has defeated Max Burns and been re-elected.

"The margin is 900 votes at present," according to Barrow. "This means the number of provisional ballots is not enough to affect the outcome."

The outcome was in doubt until late in the night. Effingham County's election computers malfunctioned, leaving nine precincts uncounted until a few hours ago. But those results, and the rest of the ballots are now locked up. And the entire election could wind up in court. But Barrow believes the results will stand up to a possible challenge and a recount.

"Recounts with the technology we're using today are basically a consolidation of the same results," said Barrow. "There is basically nothing to count. The machine basically tells you what it already told you. There's nothing more to be physically examined."

If there is a recount, then by law it has to take place by November 15th. But a judge does have the ability to change that date and make sure any and all challenges are heard.

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