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McFarland election still in question
Liza Sullivan    KGET.Com     9 March 2007

Things aren't adding up in McFarland.

City residents voted on Tuesday for mayor and two city council members, but still no one has been elected.

The results are in, but multiple counts have produced different results.

City officials said they do not know when those issues will be cleared up.

They said the matter is being discussed with the private firm that runs the voting machines.

"That's what makes it so ridiculous. We hire a firm to do the counting and we can't get good results. I don't think the expense that we're paying justifies the results that we're getting," said Jose Hernandez, voter.

Each of the candidates in the election received between 200 and 300 votes.

Hilda Osorio ran against incumbent Kenneth Rosson for mayor. Samuel Cantu, and Donnie Campbell are still waiting for their final results against Humberto Topete Jr., and Socorro Munoz for the two council seats.

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