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Problems at the Polls
Issues Preventing Some from Casting Their Vote
Action News 6abc.com. May 15, 2007 By Nydia Han

We have received a few reports of voting problems at polling locations. Action news and the League of Women Voters have teamed up to help you.

The volunteers here have received hundreds of calls throughout the day. Many people are asking whether they need to go to the polls if they are not registered Democrats. And the answer is yes. There are some contested Republican races and any registered citizen can vote on the ballot questions - Although earlier today some people had trouble voting at all.

Alicia Shubert/Mantua tells us, "The voting machines aren't working. I've been waiting all week, all month, all year - just to get my opinion said and I haven't been able to do so. And I'm very upset with this."

The problem at the polling place in Mantua? Both available voting machines were broken.

Election Judge Veronica Outlaw-Drummond said, "We have turned away maybe 15 or 20 people already." And that was at around 9 a.m.!

The Committee of 70 received more than 20 complaints about malfunctioning voting machines.

As many as fifty voters were turned away because the two available machines at the Santora Library in Queen Village weren't working properly. And investigators from the Department of Justice responded to an argument that broke out over a voter using an outside translator.

Meantime, some people in West Philadelphia had a hard time exercising their right to vote this morning too. The worker who was supposed to open the doors to their polling place at the Sam Morris Recreation Center overslept!

Meantime, although a mechanical issue prevented about four people from voting in Nicetown today, that machine was quickly repaired. "Electrical plug was bent so we had to take a pair of pliers to straighten it out so it could go into the socket," explained machine inspector James McClain.

One of the serious concerns of voters today have been the questions on the ballot. The questions are written in "Legalese", and voters want them clarified in plain English.

The number to report machine malfunctions is 215-686-7800.

If you encounter an issue while voting, 6abc can help! We have partnered with the League of Women Voters. Volunteers will be available to answer your questions and take your complaints until 8 o'clock tonight. The number is 1-866-978-4232. You can fill out the form at this link or call 1-866-978-4232.


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