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Unaffiliated voter says she encounters problem at polls  (NC)

The Times-News   06 May 2008

Cynthia Sawyer, who was registered unaffiliated, said she encountered a problem while voting at the Eli Whitney Recreation Center. Sawyer said she was never asked which race she wanted to vote in and was handed the ballot for independents, which included only judicial races.

She discovered the error while voting and was told by poll workers it was too late for her to receive another ballot.

"I was never given the choice," she said.

Sawyer was drawn to the polls by the Democratic primary between U.S. Sens. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and was angry she didn't get to vote in that race.

"It makes me feel like my vote doesn't count at all," she said. "Now I have no say in what's going to happen. I wasted my time. I went out there specifically for that and didn't get a chance to do it."

Sawyer said she took her case to the Board of Elections office in Graham. Workers there took down her information but also said nothing could be done to correct the error because she had already voted. Sawyer also said she was told the problem occurred at other precincts

"I guess my main concern is that there will be more people like me who won't have their voices heard," Sawyer said. "I'm afraid for the Democrats Obama and Clinton won't get a fair run.

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