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'Daily Voting News' For August 23, 2008


Today many of the articles could have been “Featured” but I chose one because it contains one of what seems to have become Premier/Diebold’s requisite half-truth. In our featured article Permier spokesman, Chris Riggall is quoted as saying, "There are no votes that are lost here; the votes remain on the memory cards, and the original ballots still exist." This is all true. The votes remain on the cards and, when voting is done on a paper ballot the original ballots still exist. As factual as this statement is, it does not tell the true story. The problem with the Premier machines (all of them sold for the last 10 years that use the GEMS software) is that in some circumstances the system will tell the operator that it has downloaded the votes from memory cards but the votes are never downloaded and tabulated. This problem is not readily apparent which is clear because it has existed for 10 years and was only found by accident. One thousand votes would have been lost in Ohio if the problem had not been discovered. How many votes have been lost nationwide over the past 10 years?


Featured - FL: Elections officials back machines despite reported glitch



National: Premier Continues Proud Tradition of Diebold E-Voting Screw-Ups



National: States Rush to Dump Touchscreen Voting Systems



National: Overseas voting is not just a duty, it’s a chore



AR: Faulkner County - Sec. of State releases summary of May 20 election foul-up



CA: Yolo County - Should the votes of dead people be counted at elections?



FL: Voting officials aren't worried about glitch



FL: Sarasota County - Glitch could affect vote Tuesday



GA: Hall County - No worry over voting machines here

Touch-screen problems elsewhere not seen in Hall County



IL: Voting machine software glitch affects DuPage County



OH: Alert issued regarding vote-counting errors

Equipment used nationwide, including Ohio, can cause votes to go uncounted.



OH: Summit County - Summit board deadlocks over election hours



TX: Superintendent: Elections 'a nightmare'



WI: GAB to Limit Election Observation



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