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Voter Reinstated After State Purges Her Registration (CO)
Colorado Voters Fight For Their Voices This Election Cycle
7News. October 28, 2008. Russell Haythorn, 7NEWS Reporter

AURORA, Colo. Some purged voters in Colorado are taking matters into their own hands.

The state canceled JP Morris' voter registration because she had not voted in three consecutive general elections. The last time she voted was in 2000.

"I've lived in the same county and city since 1992. I've received three jury summons this year alone, so I'm not off the grid," said Morris. 

She was initially told she could not vote in this election. But on Tuesday she went to the Arapahoe County DMV location at Chambers and Alameda and was reinstated in less than 15 minutes. She can now vote in this election.

"I could literally go one block down the street and vote early, voting today, right now," said Morris.

Morris is just one of thousands of Colorado voters who recently found out their voter registrations had been purged.

"I got upset about it. So I decided to call the county clerk and they were helpful. I was real pleasantly surprised by this," she said.

The Arapahoe County clerk said if you're concerned about your voter registration call your county clerk to find out if you're registered. If you're not, inquire about your options.

"The jury summons is kind of the pain-in-the-butt stuff that we all do in society because we need to. And the voting is our right that we get in exchange for the stuff that isn't so fun," Morris said. "My county and my state did their part to get me reinstated and I appreciate that."

Hearings on a federal lawsuit on voter purging in Colorado will resume in federal court Wednesday.

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