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Voting machine complaints trickle in (OH)
The Columbus Dispatch. November 4, 2008. by Ben Marrison and Jill Riepenhoff
Things must be going fairly well at voting locations as the complaints about voting glitches and other problems are relatively low. Unlike in 2004, when the Dispatch voter hotline rang nonstop during the morning hours, only a handful of complaints have been lodged.

A woman who voted at the senior citizen's center in Obetz told The Dispatch that the touch-screen machine changed her choice for president. She was able to correct the error but is concerned there's a glitch.

A man who voted at the union hall on Alum Creek Drive on the East Side reported to The Dispatch that the voting machine changed many of his votes.

"I could believe that I might have 'fat-fingered' one of two but 75%!," said the 59-year-old man who didn't want to give his name. "I caught the changes during a review and switched everything back until I was satisfied."

A man who voted in Grove City said the machine shut down on him, forcing him to cast his ballot after voting on only three of eight pages. He said the same thing happened to his wife.

Matthew Damschroder, deputy director of the Franklin County board of elections, said the machines will not allow someone to cast their ballot before going through all of the pages on the ballot.

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