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Final counts delayed as ballots sorted (IN)
Journal Courier Online. November 5, 2008. By Brian Wallheimer

Tippecanoe County Clerk Linda Phillips said a card had apparently not been uploaded properly.

"These were early votes that we entered into the machine. We didn't tell the software to count them," Phillips said.

Election officials had to place the cards back in the machines to see if they had been uploaded properly.

The voting system in Tippecanoe County uses an electronic system in which voters place a card into a voting machine and the card stores the votes.

Multiple voters use the same cards.

Once the voting is finished, each card is uploaded to a computer, and the votes are tallied.

Phillips said the mistake was found during the audit of the vote after election officials believed all votes had been counted.

"We caught the fact that we were missing some votes," Phillips said.

For the most part, officials believed the counting went well other than the situation with the card.

"It went pretty good," said Bob Hicks, chairman of the Tippecanoe County Republican Party. "I thought it went pretty smooth."

Hicks said he'd like to see votes counted faster, but he believes voters like the vote center concept.

"It's better in the long run," he said.

Phillips said there were 69,466 ballots cast in Tippecanoe County. There were 414 provisional ballots.


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