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In Carteret, numbers change but results remain the same (NC)
ENCToday.com. November 14, 2008. by Jannette Pippin, Daily News Staff

BEAUFORT - Some numbers went up and a few went down, but the results for Election 2008 in Carteret County remain the same following Friday's final tally.

The Carteret County Board of Elections certified the results for the county after its official canvass of votes.

While there was no change in the outcome of any of the local races in the county, the official results include some adjustments due to the addition of approved provisional ballots. The results also include some corrections required after verifying totals reported on election night with the tabulations of the machines used in counting ballots.

Carteret County didn't experience any significant problems in the voting process, but there can be mistakes such as transposed numbers as totals are reported in from precincts on election night. Initial results are compared with the machine tapes to verify all numbers before the final canvass, Board of Elections Deputy Director Sharon Lewis said.

The Board of Elections also approved 176 of the 348 provisional ballots that were cast and those votes were added to the official results.

The provisional ballots that were not approved were typically voters who were not registered, failed to register on time or were registered in other areas.

The official results of the race for three seats on the Carteret County Board of Commissioners are:

- District 3: Republican Holt Faircloth, 19,771 and Democrat Nancy Veitch, 13,536.

- District 4: Republican Doug Harris, 18,504 and unaffiliated Bettie Bell, 11,967.

- District 5: Republican Pat Joyce, 18,547 and Democrat Deborah Van Dyken, 14,639.

Incumbents Faircloth and Harris were re-elected to the board for another term and Joyce is a former commissioner returning to the board.


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