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Voting issue did not affect treasurer's election (VA)
Star Tribune. Opinion. November 26, 2008.

In an effort to keep voters informed, the Pittsylvania County General Registrar's Office is clarifying information regarding an issue with the ballots and the treasurer's race that occurred on Election Day, Nov. 4.

This matter was discussed with the Virginia State Board of Elections at the Nov. 19 Pittsylvania County Electoral Board public meeting. It has been determined the issue with the ballots did not impact the outcome of the treasurer's race.

On Election Day, it was reported to the General Registrar's office on or about 6 a.m. that the full ballot did not contain the treasurer's race.

A ballot is considered a "full ballot" if it contains the federal, state, and local races.

Immediately, the General Registrar notified several precincts and directed them to use paper ballots for the treasurer's race.

Corrective actions utilizing paper ballots were taken immediately, and in one precinct voters were called to return to the polls to vote in the treasurer's race via paper ballot.

The ballot issue in all the affected precincts was resolved by 8 a.m. on Election Day.

We took this matter very seriously and regret that it occurred. We are taking steps to ensure it does not happen in future elections.

Our responsibility is to facilitate the election process in a fair and impartial manner, protecting the integrity of the election.

I'm pleased that by responding quickly we were able to resolve the issue before it could impact the outcome of the election.

It appears the problem was with the software program.

An "info pak" is ed into each and every voting machine containing the ballots that will be used in the election.

The info pak ed for Election Day in the voting machine in the Central Absentee Precinct (CAP) had the correct order for the races and contained a full ballot.

The info paks ed in the voting machines used in other precincts had the reverse order for the ballots and displayed a federal-only ballot; presidential-only ballot; and the full ballot, containing the federal and local races.

Therefore, many who wanted a full ballot saw only a federal ballot, which did not contain the local treasurer's race until this was corrected.

For us, the General Registrar and members of the Electoral Board conducting elections in Virginia properly is of paramount importance. We seek always to improve the process for the voters of Pittsylvania County.

Jenny Lee Sanders, Pittsylvania County General Registrar
Dorothy Neals, chairman, Pittsylvania County Electoral Board
Raymond Ramsey,vice chairman, Pittsylvania County Electoral Board
Brenda Arthur, secretary, Pittsylvania County Electoral Board

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