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Double-Checking Every Vote in Binghamton (NY)
By WBNG News. November 11, 2009
Original: http://www.wbng.com/news/local/69799432.html

It's still uncertain as of Wednesday night whether there's a one vote margin against dissolving the Village of Johnson City.

The Broome County Board of Elections audited a five voting districts where the hand recount did not match the numbers from voting machines.

Every vote has been counted, recounted and in some cases counted again.

With election day more than a week ago, fatigue is starting to set in among board of elections workers who have been burning the midnight oil.

"I think we're in extra innings," said Republican Elections Commissioner Gene Faughnan. "Everyone's tired but we're going to make sure we get this no matter what."

The first ever hand recount in Broome County history is complete.

The board of elections says it may be the last.

Hand recounts are less accurate than the voting machines.

The board expects New York state to change what happens in a close election once the new machines are certified.

"If they don't certify them by 2010 I think there's going to be a revolt statewide by election commissioners," Faughnan said.

Affidavit and absentee ballots will be counted on Thursday.

More than 500 ballots will be counted for Binghamton races and nearly 200 for the Johnson City dissolution vote.

Binghamton's mayoral candidates have been waiting over a week for a decision on this too close to call race.

"We're feeling pretty cautiously optimistic the fact that we're ahead by apparently 56 votes and we have an advantage of the absentee votes," said Binghamton Mayor Matt Ryan.

Ryan's Republican opponent Rich David hopes his campaigning among traditional absentee voters pays off.

"I'm feeling very confident about tomorrow," said David. "Certainly I'm looking forward to the opening of the absentee ballots. Certainly it's going to be close either way."

Large numbers of absentee ballots traditionally go to Republican candidates.

This year, Democrats make up the majority of absentee ballots in Binghamton.

Binghamton will find out how it all shakes out Thursday when those votes are counted.

The results from the hand recount for Binghamton mayor should be released by Friday.

The board of elections will start counting the absentee ballots at 9:00 am Thursday and expects to be finished before noon.

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