Electronic voting machine maker Diebold Systems says it's withdrawing more than a dozen legal threats against ISPs for hosting users who publish or link to corporate documents suggesting there are
flaws in its equipment and irregularities. with certifying the systems for elections.

Nor will it issue additional cease-and-desist notices concerning these corporate documents, US District Court Judge Jeremy Fogel heard today.

Fogel has now scheduled a telephone conference between Diebold and some of the people who raised the issue.

ISP Online Policy Group (OPG) and two Swarthmore College students wanted a court order to stop Diebold from issuing "specious legal threats," as the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) described them.

The EFF and Center for Internet and Society Cyberlaw Clinic at Stanford Law School are representing OPG and Swarthmore students Nelson Pavlosky and Luke Smith.