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17,000 provisional ballots in the NM Democratic Primary;
Here's one woman's story
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February 8, 2008, by Kim Reed-Deemer

My name is Kim Reed-Deemer, and I live in San Miguel County in New Mexico. When I went to vote in New Mexico's Democratic Caucus at the Abe Montoya Rec Center in Las Vegas, New Mexico, I had my official copy of my voter registration that I received from the San Miguel County Clerk's office with me in the event of a problem.

I was directed to the proper line based upon my last name, but when I showed the poll worker my registration she couldn't find me listed under 'R' for Reed-Deemer. She consulted the other poll worker at the table, the chair of the San Miguel County Democratic Party, Martin Suazo, who said I could vote by provisional ballot.

I insisted I was definitely registered, and suggested that my hyphenated name might be mistakenly listed under 'D' for Deemer. Mr. Suazo said I could go to the very long 'D' line, or I could vote by provisional ballot. I expressed concern that a provisional ballot wouldn't be counted in a timely manner, but Mr. Suazo said it would likely be counted by morning or in the morning.

I filled out my part of the provisional ballot form and went to the end of the line for provisional ballots. The poll worker at the table completed the form and I received a ballot. I filled out the ballot and returned it to another poll worker at the ballot lock box.

I was instructed to fold the ballot, and the worker attached the ballot in some manner to the provisional form but explained that they had run out of envelopes for the ballot. It was deposited in the box while I watched. I left the polling place not knowing if my provisional ballot would be counted or disqualified, or how to find out.

I later called the San Miguel County Clerk's office and was told I was in fact properly registered under my name, Reed-Deemer. I found out that I was also properly registered with the Secretary of State's office under Reed-Deemer.


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