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Help Amend HR 811 to prohibit "electronic ballots."

Update: 10/23/08. H.R. 811 was reported out of committee on May 8, 2007, but never came to the House floor for a vote.

Electronic voting machines create high-tech "electronic ballots," which voters cannot verify because these ballots are nothing more than electrical charges inside a computer. We are calling for a prohibition on voter-unverifiable ballots.

This page lists a variety of materials you can use, and actions you can take, to work toward informing Congress and others of the reasons why ONLY voter-verified paper ballots -- not voter-unverifiable "electronic ballots" -- must be used in the United States. NOW.

These materials are aimed at amending Congressman Rush Holt's bill ("Voter Confidence and Increased Accessibility Act of 2007") to ban electronic ballots.

Arizona Democratic Party Resolution Calls for Essential Revisions
The resolution was first approved in the Election Integrity Committee meeting, then went to the Executive committee meeting, then went to floor and passed with 100% support.

General Information
for Congress and Others

Electronic Voting Does Not Serve the Disabilities Community

Electronic Voting Machines Disenfranchise Minority Voters

Take Action Now!

Endorse our Open Letter to Congress
A call for open Congressional hearings before voting on election reform legislation.
Send us an email with your name or organization and state. Then send the letter to your representatives in Congress.

Email Congress to tell them the Holt bill (HR 811) must be amended to ban electronic ballots
Electronic voting is a failed technology that disenfranchises the very taxpayers who pay for them.

Call Congress to Ban Electronic Ballots. Let us know who you called.
This page lists all the House Members and their phone numbers. We're putting stars by the ones that you let us know you've called.

Endorse our proposed amendments to HR 811
Urge Congress to require real paper ballots, marked by voters or by non-tabulating ballot-marking devices.

General Information for Congress and Others

A Call for an Amendment to HR 811 to Require ONLY Voter-Verified Paper Ballots
20-page combination of several handouts on this page, with an annotated Table of Contents. (1.6MB pdf)

Paper Ballots Support Democracy; Electronic Ballots Undermine Democracy
A brief explanation of why paper ballots, even when counted by automatic tabulators, are preferable to electronic ballots, even with an accompanying "paper trail."

Overview of Types of Election Equipment
A 3-page illustrated primer on optical scanners, electronic voting machines, and ballot marking devices.

Election Reform in a High-Tech World - Please distribute
A 2-page standalone explanation of why electronic ballots (electrical charges inside a computer) cannot be safeguarded the way paper ballots can, and how prohibiting the use of electronic ballots will solve practical election problems.

Why the Urgent Need to Ban Electronic Ballots?
A bullet list of the many reasons why electronic voting constitutes a new and subtle form of high tech voter suppression. Links to supporting information are included, along with brief excerpts.
Printable pdf without links and excerpts

The Impact of an HR 811 Amendment to Ban Electronic Ballots
A one-page list detailing the practical implications of such an amendment - what the amendment will and will not do.
Printable pdf handout

A Voter Verified Paper Audit Trail - Not a Reliable Back Up
One-page summarizing some evidence of past failures of voter-verifiable paper audit trails to provide a reliable indication of voter intent.

Pictorial Handout - Ensuring Voter-Verified Ballots for All Counts: Initial, Audit, Recount
How to ensure that each voter can verify the votes before the ballot is cast and counted.

Pictorial Handout - Voter-Marked Paper Ballot vs. Voter-Verified Paper Audit Trail
An illustration of the most important benefit of amending Congressman Holtís election reform bill to prohibit the use of electronic ballots: rather than counting unverified electronic ballots, voter-verified paper ballots would be counted for the initial tally rather than set aside to be possibly checked only in audits and recounts.

Pictorial Handout - Barcodes on Ballots
An illustration of the reasons why using barcodes on ballots is risky.

Electronic Voting Does Not Serve the Disabilities Community

Americans with Disabilities Call for Election Systems Featuring Both Accessibility and Security
A statement written by Mr. Noel Runyan, a blind accessibility expert, calling for voting systems that use only paper ballots. As of April 9, signatories include 40 leaders in the disabilities community and more signatures are added every day.

Pictorial Handout - Accessibility with Verifiable Ballots
An illustration of the fact that accessibility for people with disabilities can be achieved without the use of electronic ballot systems.

Electronic Voting Machines Disenfranchise Minority Voters

2004 and 2006 New Mexico Canvass Data Shows Undervote Rates Plummet in Minority Precincts When Paper Ballots are Used
A report showing that the undervote rate in minority precincts decreased by as much as 85% when the state switched from electronic ballot systems to paper ballots.

Electronic Voting Machines: New, High-Tech Ways to Disenfranchise African-Americans
2-pages of evidence that electronic voting disproportionately disenfranchises African-American voters.

Democracy is not something you believe in
or a place to hang your hat,
but it's something you do.
You participate.
If you stop doing it, democracy crumbles.
                                   ~ Abbie Hoffman

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