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A Margin of Error: Ballots Of Straw
by Lani Massey Brown, former Florida election official

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When a high-tech stalker invades Miami's voting machines, Deputy Elections Supervisor Cady Palmer scrambles to make it right but slams full force into terror, kidnapping, rape, murder---and romance. To the rest of Florida, Miami's pulled off a rare flawless election. But Cady knows it's not. While America purges his party, Florida's outgoing governor holds the state, shuffles key players into office, reclaims his fast track to the White House. Only Cady stands in his way. And she won't stand down despite her boss' threats...not when her stalker closes in...not even to think about the governor's man, Neal Charles.

When terror strikes, Neal interjects himself into Cady's flawed election, not for the governor, for Cady. Can she trust the stranger? She must. Soon the two adversaries stand together fending off danger and searching for truth. Together they discover the silent coup marching across the country in ElecTron's state-of-the-art voting machines. And it was so easy. Can she stop it?


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If the public or election official has any question
over the results of an election,
a hand count of the optical paper ballot provides the truth.
~ Ion Sancho
Supervisor of Elections, Leon County, Florida

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