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Spread the Word: Advocate with Envelopes
We need to educate America. Start with stickers!

Here's an idea that won't take much money and won't take much time. Buy a package of labels you can run through your printer. For example, Avery 5260 address labels will work just fine. If you have MS Word, setting them up is a breeze.

Then simply stick one on the back of every envelope you send. Tell your friends to do it, too. It's a small, easy, constant way of getting the message out there -- over and over and over.

To set up the labels in Word:

1) Start MS Word.
2) Choose Tools, then Envelopes and Labels.
3) Select the Labels tab.
4) Make sure to choose Full page of the same label.
5) Click Options.
6) Choose your Label product and number, then click OK.
7) Click New Document.

MS word creates a document that contains a single table -- all set up with the right size cells. All you do is create your label in one of the cells, copy it to the other cells, and print.

Hint: Print to a standard sheet of paper first to make sure everything is aligned correctly. It's less expensive than messing up a sheet of labels.

Here's some ideas. Send us yours to add to the mix.


Common sense is genius
dressed in its working clothes.
                                    ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


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