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Congratulations Maine!
On April 22, 2004, Maine's Governor John Elias Baldacci signed LD1759 into law. ""An Act To Ensure the Accurate Counting of Votes" was sponsored by Representative Hannah Pingree. The bill was passed by the Maine House on April 12 and the Senate on April 13. The law states, in part:

Any computer software relating to such voting machines must employ an open-source operating code that is fully accessible to the Office of the Secretary of State and agents of that office.


All voting machines in the State must produce a physical ballot, equivalent or superior to that of a hand-cast ballot, that unambiguously reflects the intent of the voter and that each voter shall personally review and deliver to an official ballot box. Touch screen voting machines must produce a legible, large-print ballot for verification by each voter of that voter's electoral choices before it is placed in the official ballot box. Each such ballot must also identify the individual machine that produced it while not identifying the voter.


Maine is a beautiful state. ...
However, it is our human resources
that really make Maine special.
              ~ Governor John Elias Baldacci

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